Sunday, April 26, 2009

Smile, because life has a lot to offer. ^^

This is my little baby cousin, Shen Shen. He is overjoyed over a bowl of noodles.

p/s: hao chi means tasty in hu bei dialect

Hope this video makes u smile too.

May we too find happiness in all the small things in life. Like this delighted little one.


Too bad i don't know how to rotate this video. Any advice please?


SYED NAHAR said...

alahai comel nye baby shen shen ni. berapa kilo gram pipi dia ni???? geram nye!!!

feifei said...

hahha!tak tau la brp kg pipi tuh..cute kan!syg sgt sgt..haha!

V!W! said...

ya, it made me smile and at the same time, a little bit of neck-ache :p

feifei said...

kakakaka!come let me offer u salonpas.haha!

SYED NAHAR said...

jgn la offer salonpas, kinohimitsu pun ok jugak. hahaha..

make sure baby shen shen lambat membesar sebab i worry pipi dia susut sebab bila besar mesti dia mau diet. hurmmm..

feifei said...

hehehe@salonpas muroh sikit..

feifei said... shen shen mmg tahap pelahapan yg maximum..slalu dlm keadaan mengunyah kecuali sms tidur..hahah!