Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st of all~~

I am a Chinese girl living in Kota Bharu. Well, yes we do have pork here. And, no we do not live on trees or in caves.

I don't look like a typical Chinese. I am a dark-skinned girl who speak loghat kelate and hokkien kelantan. I know a little bit of Thais language because my grandma watches Thai tv channels at home. I am Chinese educated and yes, we have chinese schools here for God's sake.

And, this blog is for my own record of the life i am living in.



V!W! said...

so now u have begun ur blog,
lets see how long u can maintain :p
now i see i have left mine unupdated for such a long time ady!

feifei said...

haha..ya lets i do hope it wil last s long s can b cz i found tat i really tend to forget moments in my life..

V!W! said...

dont forget ours (TT)

feifei said...

remind me...