Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Plan

In 5-year time,
i wish that i can achieve these:
  • MBA
  • get married to the One
  • go to Australia
  • save up $$$
  • sponsor my parents for a vacation in China
  • J 44
  • hv a place to call our own home


SYED NAHAR said...

all the best, but i wonder how nice you are. seriously ambitious!! haha..

MBA, sponsor your parents, J44...savings..all these show something sweet....but marrying to macam sounds a little gatal but still sweet. hahaha...

feifei said...

hahahaha!tq nahar!

must hv target in life to keep ta pace goin on.i need change..kekekeke..

bab kahwin tu..ehem ehem..haha!

SYED NAHAR said...

eh i risau u kahwin then tak update blog sebab busy treat your husband je..tak adil tau. blog pun u kena pamper selalu. hahaha... sekarang blog ini dah macam u punya anak tau. feed your blog with nice entries. haha...(sebab i yang nak baca hahaha..)

feifei said...

hahahaha!!saya akan cuba buat yang terbaik..(ceh..dah terkeluar ayat rasmi akedemi fantasia dah)..lame..haha!

V!W! said...