Friday, April 3, 2009

Jack's 1st Trip to KB ~ Part 3

On the last day of Jack's stay, we woke up late.Got up of bed at 11am and mummy was already in the living room watching her Hokkien drama. We had our brunch at home and went to KB Mall for a stroll. It was a simple day out and its so good to be able to spend our precious time together again. We had dinner at Orchard Garden in Tumpat with my family. I initiated the dinner but ah tiu was too quick to settle the bills. ;p Well, next time i will insist for the bills.

Nasi kapit

The family

Papa and mummy

Jack and me

The dinner: Keng som fish, kam heong tian ji, si da tian wang, jam sotong, gu lao rou and lemon chicken.


SYED NAHAR said...

oo itu boifren awak ye...? bagus la sama padan.
eh baca blog awak mmg membuatkan rasa nak makan ABC...kecur air liur lah. haha..

feifei said...

oh?padan eh?tq tuh..dtg cni try la..cendol pulut tapai ker..kekeke