Friday, April 3, 2009

Jack's 1st Trip to KB

Jack was here from 25th til 29th Mac. It was indeed a short yet fulfilling period. Really glad to have him here. Was missing him bacause it has been one month since we last met. We went to some places but the main point for us to plan for this stay is to have him knowing my family. It went well, and i am so glad about it.

On 25th of Mac, we went to Restoran Hover in KB for Jack's very first taste of Nasi Dagang with mummy and little baby Shen Shen. The rice was nice but i am not sure if Jack enjoyed it as he is not really fond of spicy food.:p

Nasi dagang- the half-cut egg is a special add-on for him from mummy.

After breakfast, we stayed home for a leisure morning. It was fun playing with baby Shen Shen. He is such a cutie.^^

Jack with Shen Shen

We had a late lunch in Yati Ayam Percik. I am not sure why it is so famous here as i found the chicken a bit too sweet for me. We tried some other kuih as well. But we regretted ordering the air mata kucing as the taste was kind of weird.

Ayam percik

We had our dinner in a name-less but famous chicken chop restaurant in town with papa, mummy and my little brother Luung. The chicken chop was really good, but its portion was so big that after dinner, mummy said she wouldn't want to have chicken chop anymore for the rest of the month.^^ We then went to Jalan Kebun Sultan and had some cendol and ABC. We prefer the ABC as there were chunks of nuts and it was not too sweet. Definately have to come back for more!

Jack and me

I love the veges and the wedges..yummy!



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