Friday, April 3, 2009

Jack's 1st Trip to KB ~ Part 2

Friday. Day off in Kelantan. We went jogging in the morning with papa and had beef noodle in a restaurant near KB Mall. Couldn't remember the name of the shop though. Haha. It was very good and Jack enjoyed it too. I love the hong dou bing! It was the nicest i have ever had.In the afternoon, we went to Pengkalan Kubur Duty Free Shopping Centre for a visit and stopped by three famous Siamese temples. We had some local specialties there too. Dinner in Restoran Kampung Kulim was so goood. I heart the kampung chicken!

The Reclining Buddha

Khao jam

Kelapa pandan

Laksa kelantan

Som tam

The Sitting Buddha

The Standing Buddha

Kampung porridge



fAtsurugi Lim said...

Kelantan food looks kinda strange le....haha..dunno how it taste?

feifei said...

hot+sour+sweet..duno hw to its definately good!haha!

*Nee* said...

李记 or 林记 guh bak mee!!!! (I can't really remember too haha) I love their beef noodle too! =)

feifei said...

lim kee..i think its good bcz they share the same surname wif us!haha!

*Nee* said...

YES! That's so right :)