Sunday, December 6, 2009

Round and Round

Back in kb after 9 days in kl. Its megasale everywhere!!!...but what i did for the whole 9 days was having myself locked up for some serious study time...oh i feel so guilty to not having the urge to go shopping..>_< They are selling SKII starter set at RM199, which is very very tempting..and the lovely L'Occitane sets..not to mention all the shoes and clothes and bags..=_= Christmas is the time when all the oh-so-cute things a girl need or no need are being as seductive as it can be..=_= Anyway, watched 2010 which was pretty entertaining. Cooked dinner for a week. Went to 1U for some eating marathon, had rotiboy (oh so good) and some spanish doughnats (can't remember the name). All and all it was such a peaceful period, and it almost makes me enjoy all the book-crackings..I think i am too desperate.+_+


V!W! said...

i know not why sk2 so damn much a temptation but i am quite sure it was 2012, not?

feifei said...

oh ya 2012 i m too focused on 2010 cannot meh >_< hahahh