Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I wonder when will the time come when i will wake up every morning feeling sprited about going to work? Everything has been so blah lately. I think maybe its been too long. At some point, i feel like crashing down because of the neverending waits.

I stumbled upon an article lately. It says the one luxurious thing about being 25 is you still have the luxury of not having to settle down for anything. 1/4 life is period to make the best option, time for you to jump and look for the best-suits. How wonderful that sounds.

I have a good job i would say. The only bad thing about it is its becoming more and more a hindrance for me to follow my heart and my desired way of life.

Its hard to choose between being practical and being daring enough to chase for what you want. I am feeling it more and more these days. As the years progress by, life is not only about yourself. There are tonnes of people around to look after. The commitments. In a way, making a decision in life is no longer a matter of your-own-self. It has to take into account these people. The time when i can choose to do what ever i want is long gone at this point.

Its contradictary. My age is not yet the age of settling down. But my life is pushing me to be more settled down.

Oh my god stop all this emo-ing..=_=


Anonymous said...

im glad enough
we share the same feeling =)

feifei said...

may i know who is this pls?:)

Anonymous said...


amitt junior