Sunday, December 6, 2009


It has become a routine, a cycle which offer no way out, it keeps going round and round and it keeps happening. Some matters in life are fated to be there the moment you are born into this world. Through out these years, there are always some unexpected break downs which are typical, but unavoidable. It makes me feel sick. And tired. Life can be unfair at times. There are some responsibilties which you have to undertake no matter how suffocating it makes you feel. The burden is always there, you know it is there even if you try to deny. I hope there will come a day where life can be as wished, and the burden can be lifted. The cruel realisation is, there is no santa claus in this world. Wish don't come true easily.


V!W! said...

u mumble apa wo?
come on cheers!!

feifei said...

haha! E. m. o. cannot ar?;p