Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Try To Write A Story

I have been kind of too free lately. Too much free time makes you go ga-ga sometimes. So, i decided to try to write a story. A story that revolves around a guy and a girl.
It's been so long since i last wrote. I mean since secondary school when the language teacher used to make us hand in our daily homework. I used to complain about it as well. I can still remember the last piece of works that i handed in was a script i wrote for the class drama. Too bad it didn't occur to me that time to keep a copy. Or else, i guess it d be a really good memorial piece of secondary school.Haha!
Then came the uni life. We all know how hectic life in uni could be. With all the works piled up, i gradually forgot my passion in writing. But it's still something i hold close to my heart. It's just that i didn't have the time to do it.
So, i guess it's not too late to start again. Playing with Chinese characters is so much fun. I am not a good one. But at least i am having fun.
So, no harm!


SYED NAHAR said...

keep writing feifei...i wanna read them. haha...

feifei said...

blh baca cina ke?haha