Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh My God!!!

This is me. Doing what i should only do during bath time.

It was a video clip from an entertainment competition that i participated when i was working with my previous company. It wasn't a voluntary act though. Haha! But because i was the only representative from our department as committee in the company's club, i had to participate as no one else want to do it.
And, oh...why la someone has to put it on YouTube....
This is like oh-so-embarrassing. But still, i put it here because it is one experience that i won't encounter anymore.
This is back in July, 2008.
No, i am not taking part in any competition like this ever again.


SYED NAHAR said...

oh my god!! seriously i was surprise to see u sing. evan i didnt understand what the chinese song is about, but the way u sing was really cute. haha..but why do i cant stop laughing? hahaha..seriously kelakar juga. eh apa perasaan u when noticed it was being published in youtube? hahaha..who did? hahaha..

feifei said...

tu la pasal..hahaha!kelakar giler..i totally forgt bt this video ad so when i saw in an x-collegue's blog..it was like..WHAT??!!!hahaha!aiseh..siap dgn lupa lirik lagi..tp takpe la..pengalaman walaupun tidak bgt memaniskan..haha!

V!W! said...

not to angkat, not to dream for a free trip,

but why those stupid comments say ur from Muar one? or the guitarist?

one funny part is the "ehhhhwooo~~~" part, shocked me :p but i dont mean it was bad, just unexpected for that!!

Go for Malaysia Idol, I will vote from here for sure!!!

feifei said...

haha!ta guitarist frm muar gua..i oso duno..anyway, no idol.haha!

Jasmine * said...

You have a great voice!! YOu should continue taking part in this kind of competitions :) I heart your voice!!!!!

feifei said...

omg..tats huge compliment jssmine..haha!thx a lot.LOL