Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Quit

It's simple mathematics. To get an equality you have to add or minus. In life, when you gain something, you lose another thing. It's like an opportunity cost. An option you chose out of many options will incure a cost to you for choosing one alternative instead of the other. It might seems confusing. But it's simple. Take an example, place where you choose to live. Choose to be in hometown, you gain comfort at home but you might lose the freedom and experience at foreign places. Most of the time, people confuse themselves. Like me. I have this tendency of thinking too much that sometimes i will end up being hesitance. It is not good because it is a waste of time. So how? Most of the time, i have no idea. Things will come and go, a decision made, good or bad, will have its impacts erased by time. For this period, i think there should be enough thinking. So i quit. God bless.


Anonymous said...

Think optimistic and things will be just fine


feifei said...