Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Yesterday, 31st August 2009 was a blessed day. I must have stumbled on a lucky star. :)

We have come a long way in this journey, supporting each other through the laughter and the tears. The road is still long, and maybe winding, but we have faith.

I will remember every words we shared on that special day.

We will wait and see what will happen when the official moment comes.

Just be patient and anticipate for the best.

Everything will be fine.

God bless us.



Anonymous said...



feifei said...

haha..phey wat r u guessing?haha!

Jasmine * said...

Aww!! Congratulations!!! :D let's wait till the official day comes... :D

feifei said...

heard from shien ur wedding gona b on 10/10/10 rite?aww..u r definately gona b ta most glowing bride ever.:)

Jasmine * said...

No, you'll be THAT bride :D

feifei said...

hahaha!lets b together..plus dearie shien in ta future..haha!