Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Call Me A Saint

I haven't been doing any decent shopping for months already. What a record for myself. Somehow i just lost my shopping urge. I wonder if part of the reason is 'not' because of the Mr. Know Who. Ehem ehem.
Anyway, i still dream of swipping that shiny little gold card for all these:
- i need a philips salon hair curler 38mm because i need to play with my hair.
- i need a SKII miracle water because i need porcelain like skin like Lee Sing-Jye.
- i need lots of dresses because i need to act cute in those cuties little dresses.
- i need to get rid of my dark eye-bags because i need to get rid of them. get away from my face!
- i need a stainless steel no-scratch watch because i need to have a new watch.
- i need ....
As if i need.
Just crapping.
I should be called Miss Saint bacause i stop shopping.
Bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo...

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