Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Holiday Again!

WooHoo! Holiday again after my last trip to Bali few weeks back. Well, the best thing about my work now is i am enjoying a 30-day annual leave. So, as much as it doesn't really offer a lot of job satisfactions, i think i can endure for the pleasure of being on leave on any time i want. ;p

I haven't been able to share a lot of the Bali trip yet, because i don't have the pictures with me in KB. That's a whole of more than 3000 pictures! Anyway, i will be really free when i am in KL. So, by then maybe can update a bit.

Tomorrow night i will be on the plane, off to KL again. Yes! I miss Jack. Can't wait to see him. We are going to KK on Saturday. Will be there for a whole week and back to KL on the next Saturday. I have been there on last Christmas. He has a really huge family there. Like HUGE!Haha! But everyone has been really nice and kind. :)

I like KK. A place with such a blue sky and blue sea. Island getaway is just a mere 20 mins away from the jetty. Sparkling clear water! Food are good. I like the seafood best. And oh, they have the best 'guo tie' ever! I am a fan of chillies, like super hot chili. But i think i have to stop taking so much chillies. I am already at the level where i can chew a raw cili padi without feeling hot. '_'lll Jack has been saying i would lose my taste buds if i didn't control. But no worries la, in KK no spicy food. I don't really know. But the last time i was there, i didn't have any. I think the main reason is because Jack is not fond of spicy food. So, i have to follow suit. But it's good in a way, because i really have to stop. Shien was saying the same thing as well. My mum has been nagging a lot on this matter as well. So, OK i will stop. ;p

Anyway, i didn't explore KK that much last time actually. Well, the trip wasn't meant to be a holiday trip. It was to get to know his family and his life there. So, i didn't go to Mount KK or Tip of Borneo or what. But i did went to 1 Borneo. Haha! To speak the truth is, i don't really have idea of the tourist's spots in KK. So, i googled. ;p

These are the cut-and-paste info from Google:
Sabah Foundation Building : This is an astounding 30-storeyed building which is much famed for its architectural splendor. A unique thing regarding this structure is that it is one of the four of such structures in the world.

State Mosque: The mosque is one of the prominent places of worship for the Islam population. It is graced with beautiful domes as well as golden motifs.

The State Museum : It is a great spot for those who are interested in the history as well as ancient architecture of the country. In addition, the museum is home to the Heritage Village, featuring life-sized models of various traditional houses.

Atkinson Clock Tower : This was built to commemorate Francis George Atkinson - the city 's first district officer. This clock tower also holds the distinction of being the oldest monuments in the state of Sabah that survived the vigorous attacks as a result of the Second World War.

Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary : Located in the center of the city, it is home to a large species of birds including migratory species. This is a must-see tourist spot for bird lovers as well as nature lovers.

Sutera Harbour Resort: Situated at the southern end of the city, the resort area consists of an international yacht club and a state of the art golf club.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Islands Park : This park is a great spot for those tourists seeking peace and tranquility. It consists of five serene islands, such as, Mamutik, Sapi, Gaya, Sulug, and Manukan.

Turtle Island Park : This Park is much famed for its green as well as Hawksbill turtles.

Lankayan Island : This serene island is credited to be one of the best diving spots in Asia.

But, i doubt i will be going to any of these places. Maybe a few. I would rather stay at home with him and have relaxing days doing some readings, or watching TV, or learn how to play mahjong, or just laze around. Haha! B.o.r.i.n.g i know. But can't blame me, or us. Because we don't get to see each other that often. ;)

Wish myself a good trip!

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