Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Langkawi Honeymoon

Papa n mummy went to their Langkawi's trip on 25th to 29th June. The trip was given to them as Father's Day and Mother's Day gift (plus to serve as well as their 25 years anniversary gift). ;p 3 in 1, I am so stingy.

Anyway, they said it was a fun trip and they had a great time. So, i am really glad. :)


V!W! said...

y Langkawi got snow mount one ge?
the last pic, that place, i have been there, if not much forgotten, before its entrance, got some stalls, and in fact nth much to see there, just a stone monument, and some burnt rice... maybe paddy or beans?

Cool.... i have not been able to sponsor my parents on anything yet la!!! so dont say that ur stingy...

feifei said...

hahaha!i oso duno la..mayb sum ice room o wat.;p