Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Have A Student Card,So Can I Ask For Discount? ;p

Finally, i am officially back as a student. Went to collect my course material from the uni today.

It's been so long since i last saw such a thick study notes. Uhm..can or not oh Lim Fei Fei?

Anyway, it's a good and new start. At least my free time can be filled with something useful.

God, bless me. Good luck to myself, again!


V!W! said...

wat UNI? wawasan sth? UNITEN?
The day of the full sun eclipse marked ur day to be student again!

feifei said...

haha!its wawasan open university.part time la..require more than my full self-initiatives..u knw hw slack i can gt sumtimes..anyway wil try my best la..pray so tat i wont procrastinate n risk bein failed..hahaha!