Monday, June 1, 2009

I Shopped.

Today i did my first ever online shopping.. ehm..or 'half online' buy..hehe..can't really categorised as a 'real' online buy because my girl run the online boutique so i actually bought from her personally..but i did made an order after i saw the dress on her blog.hehe!what am i crapping about?
This is the dress. It is so boldly beautiful it lifted up my mood. WooHoo! I am feeling the holiday breeze now. ;p

The online boutique is at It is a new shop as it just started business about 3 months ago. Nevertheless, it is G.O.O.D. hehe! The dress i bought, it looks exactly the same as in the picture shown! They did their own photography too, isn't it nice? ;)

fushimii, WooHoo!


love said...

omg. i don't know enough vocab to express my gratitude, thank you so much for your support dearie!
Love, fushimii

feifei said...