Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Murmurs

Officially engaged on 24/10/2010. It was a wonderful day. The only thing i regretted was lack of family photos due to the busy and tight schedule. So as a measure to prevent this situation from happening again, i stubbornly booked PGs for both wedding events in KK and KB although it was not an item in the planned budget. =_=

Well, 39 days to go. My eyebags are still there and i have decided to accept the fact that it will be there forever. Argh!!!!

J is planning to go back to KK for good. And i will have to plan for that as well. Just hope to find some lights in my transfer matter.

Anyway, Jingle Bell the bell is ringing Santa is coming. It's the season of sharing! Alphabets S A L E are looking so temptatious!

Merry Christmas!!!

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