Monday, June 21, 2010

About 2 Months

Summary of May and June

1. Admitted hospital again.And discharged with a mc until end of June.
2. Pre-wedding photoshoot coming up. i haven't feel the nerve but have start a routine of forcing myself to get up not later than 8am in the morning to adjust my sleeping habit (to avoid getting insomnia the day before the shoot). gosh it will be tiring that's what i heard from all those who experienced this before.
3. I still haven't find the perfect heels for the photoshoot.i miss having my darling S as shopping kaki.
4. The wedding band is still an item to be checked off my to-do-list.
5. Please pimples or whatsoever unwelcome foreign items stay away from my face at least until after the photoshoot!
6. My 2nd sem final exam is like shit..why on earth i always end up going to my exams with a smell of hospital lingering under my shitty.
7. Hen's night to be in KL or KK? I don't even know who will / can be here for it though..will figure it out later.
8. Ji muis!!
9. I officially feel "saturated" of wedding pictures..spent too much time doing homeworks. i need a break from the white gowns red flowers.
10. J is very busy with his PE exam of lucks to the dear one.

That's a wrap.

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