Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pre-Wed Gowns Selection

Okay so my theory is one girl has a lot of chances to wear more evening gowns in her life but wedding gown? just once is enough and is the best. hence i reckon i might as well wear more white wedding gowns for the pre-wedding photos and save the evening gowns for other occasions :p

It took 3 hours to pick 4 gowns.. ~_~ all and all it was fun yet tiring. i practiced the "fast,cruel,accurate" decision making skill point to hesitate too much bah..

so here goes..pardon the no make-up face wahahaha!!!

this is the roman style gown..can't see too well here.i just love that piece of cloth flowing down my shoulder. (koya being in greece)

this is for indoor was chosen by jack himself.ok your way dear.;)

this is choosen for outdoor shoot. short skirt to ease my movement. and saja want to add some over-the-top fanciness in the selection.(seriously out of my mind maybe ~_~)pardon the toes sticking out at the left-down corner of the pic..somebody was too comfortable in the

and this one is my favourite..dreaming of the thumberlina feel..wahahaha

of coz i didn't choose this seriously u think i wana risk being nag to death by my mum? ;p

alrite. photo shoot is on 29th of June. please dont rain.


SYED NAHAR said...

roman style is the most suitable, it looks match with you. seriously! hahaha.. by the way, kenapa banyak sangat baju? try atau memang package? hihihi..

feifei said...

mmg package utk pre-wedding photoshoot..nanti actual day ada lagi 3 pasang bahahaha

V!W! said...


feifei said...

waseh..shou chong ruo jing hahaha