Friday, March 26, 2010

When i Grow Up

I drove alone from KL to Port Dickson last two week. I didn't know the way and i was worried about having to drive alone without knowing the exact way to my destination. But i did it. I googled for the map and started my journey there. It was not a pleasant journey because i was constantly worried about losing my way or missing my turns. However, it turned out to be fine and i arrived in where i was supposed to be safe and sound.

Theres one thing about this experience though. I feel like growing up a little bit more, with my courage building up a bit more, and my self-confidence growing up a bit more.

Life is full of unknowns. Its scary to get out of our own comfort zone. Its hard to gather the courage to break the limitations we tends to give ourself. But once you tried and succeed, its good to feel like growing a bit more better and wiser.

1 comment:

V!W! said...

comfort zone, leaving it... good point!
btw, u can get a new nokia phone which gives u free gps navigation :)