Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Date

The big dates are tentatively chosen on 01012011 and 21012011. Everything is kicking start now. I still have like a year to plan but i am already getting nervous. Anyway, 1st on the list will be to get good skin! Give it to me! Acha~~~~~

Still looking for the most suitable bridal studio.

I am getting bored of my ever-the-same hairstyle.
And i miss oysterSSSS.


Jasmine * said...

I'll be taking the wedding pics at Mon'liza two weeks later! Will let you know if they turn out good, but I've heard good reviews about them.

feifei said...

OMG!!!!same bah...hahaha!!!tell me abt ta package u took ya.yer must b vy pretty one cant wait to c nuh..

Jasmine * said...

You also took their package? :D fingers crossed!!! Hen xin ku yao jian fei~

feifei said...

most prob wil take theirs.coz ta photos vy nice i like hehe..dun worry jasmine u wil look stunning just look at ur ROM pics..u guys make a vy cute couple..:)