Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Summary

I attended an international course in KL for 3 weeks from 5/10 to 23/10. It was such a wonderful experience to be able to meet up with a bunch of amazing people from all over the world - Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Peru, Sudan, Seychelles, Uganda, Syria, Mauritius, Jordan, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia. The course has been splendid and the people are all so nice and warm. It was so much fun! :)

The highlight of October would be my birthday (of cause). A wonderful and blessed day made complete by so many important people of my life.

Thanks to my family for the yearly birthday song sang over the phone at the very first second of my birthday.
Thanks to Loon, Chaw and his girlfriend for the surprise birthday celebration.
Thanks to Hwang for the birthday present all the way from Japan.
Thanks to Shien for her thoughtful and surprise gift.
Thanks to everyone for the warm birthday wishes.
And, most importantly, thanks for the biggest surprise ever - the biggest gift. :)

anyway, i am not yet 30 as indicated by the numbers of candles on the cupcakes. =_=

I am a lucky girl. Thanks to all the wonderful people in my life. I am really touched. :)

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